Concern Intellectual Technologies




     Concern Intellectual Technologies (Concern IT) was established in 2004 and officially incorporated in 2006 to join forces of company-founders in development and production of electronics in Ukraine. It consists of scientific, engineering and manufacturing companies, which are involved in design and manufacture of electronic products.

     Concern departments have participated in various government scientific, technical and research programs. Under these programs, a leading member of the Concern - company Intellectual Technologies - IT Ltd holds many research and development activities, designed and fabricated experimental prototypes of portable digital recorder with voice control, portable voice translator, portable voice electronic adviser, smartphone controlled by voice commands, digital videorecorder, innovative LED lamp and luminaires, etc. In addition, our specialists perform other work, particularly in developed and manufactured prototypes of a new type of CRT tube, MP3 players, etc.

     The company-founders of Concern employs many doctors and candidates of sciences, laureate of state awards, experienced engineers and specialists. We received more than 50 patents (including 25 - international) in the sphere of information technologies and the development of electronic devices.

     Also, our achievements were demonstrated at the Ukrainian and international exhibitions, including the largest technology show in the world - CeBIT (Hannover, Germany). World-class annual event highlights the latest achievements in the industry and brings together more than 6,000 manufacturers from around the world.

     Now Concern is a set of modern fast-growing companies located in 2 cities - Kiev and Kanev, Cherkasy region. Products of Concern - TVs, Computers, LED lamps, Magnetic heads, Products of precision mechanics, Production lines, etc. We work constantly to offer our customers the best. This is our strategy for extremely competitive and dynamic market of electronic products.