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Technological capacities

Concern Departments have experience in manufacturing electronics, metalworking and able to perform the following activities:

  • development and manufacturing of electronic devices of any complexity, including digital signal processors and microcontrollers by Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Atmel etc., display devices (TFT, OLED), light-sensitive matrices, GSM-modules, etc;
  • software development of any degree of complexity;
  • tooling - turning, milling, grinding work, manufacturing of parts on CNC machines, lathe, turret lathes, cold upsetting device;
  • welding and stamping production - stamping parts to 5mm thickness at a press efforts from 40 to 100tn., contact, semi-automatic, manual welding parts, including argon welding;
  • instrumental - production of stamps and tools;
  • heat treatment, coordinate and profile grinding, boring parts, lathe and milling operations;
  • galvanic production - covering parts zinc and other materials of thickness 6 - 24 mkm
  • production of special purpose magnetic heads;
  • installation and assembly production - assembly, soldering, assembly units and blocks, making winding products, regulation and testing of electronic products;
  • design and manufacture of production lines by the technical documentation;
  • designing and manufacturing custom process equipment in accordance with the approved specification;
  • production of plastic (polyamide, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic) on thermoplastic machines with volume from 50 cc to 4000 cc;
  • casting of aluminum and other metals;
  • production of conveyor lines of various configurations;
  • plastic windows manufacturing;
  • etc.
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