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     In all businesses, people are the most important resource and the greatest asset of any company. People who work in our Concern are highly skilled professionals - State Laureates, PhDs and doctors of sciences, programmers, designers, engineers, technologists and manufacturing workers - they all have clever heads and skilful hands.

     In particular, manufacturing workers (turners, millers) of the highest category - Kravchenko, Koval, Chaika, Pylypaka, Moroz, Karandeev, Radko working in JSC Electromechanical Plant "Magnit" and Magnitprylad Ltd for many years and perform most responsible orders.

     Engineering staff provides a high level of organizational and technological work being performed at the production facilities of Concern. Although recent years is difficult to manufacture in Ukraine, thanks to the efforts of these people, we can show a high executive discipline.

     Chief Designer Dr. Shokaryev together with his team has significant experience in electronic and mechanical products developing and introduction into production.

     Concern departments have experienced management. Since 1998 JSC Electromechanical Plant "Magnit" is headed by Mr. Chernov, who started his career as engineer-regulator in the early 70s and currently serves as Chairman of the Board. As chief of Magnitprylad Ltd, Mr. Andrushchenko has been awarded the USSR State Prize for modern military equipment development. Within the past five years, Mr. Lemishko has served as a member of the Supervisory board of JSC Electromechanical Plant "Magnit". He performs a significant amount of work involved with production and logistic support.

     Our company has extensive intellectual potential. Employees of Intellectual Technologies - IT Ltd and Nicos-eco Ltd received more than 50 corporate patents in Ukraine and other countries for inventions and utility models. Doctor of Sciences, Academician of Engineering Academy of Ukraine Mr. Yaroslav Fedoryn is the supervisor of many research and development work carried out by Concern departments. Winner of USSR State Prize in Science and Technology, Dr. Osaulenko is a pioneer in the development of a whole range of modern devices based on electron beam technology.