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     Joint Stock Company "Electromechanical plant "Magnit" is the successor of Kaniv Electromechanical Plant "Magnit", which was founded in 1969 and was subordinate to the USSR Ministry of Radio.

     The characteristic of a serial production of peripheral equipment (tape drives, alphanumeric and graphic input / output means of information) for electronic computer systems.

     Today the company, having good park equipment, continues to produce parts and components of precision mechanics, magnetic heads, plastic products. Concept development of the plant further is the organization of flexible automated production of electronic products, including energy-efficient light sources, computers, tv's and electronic equipment.

     Capacities for electrical installation - 5 MW.

     Kaniv is located in Cherkassy region on the right bank of the Dnipro River within 80 km from the city of Cherkasy, 120 km from Kyiv. Transport connections are made by road, water and rail. City population - 26.2 thousand. JSC EMP "Magnit" is located on the southwestern outskirts of the city at a distance of 7 km from the center.

     The balance of EMP "Magnit" is a sports complex (stadium, gym), which is in the occupational use of utilities of Kaniv. In addition, the plant has its own boiler and water intake, which are also located in the occupational use of utilities, as 80% of heat is provided services by residents of neighborhood.

     Main site - http://magnit.ck.ua