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     Concern IT conducts significant work on development and production of new types of electronic equipment. At the present time the following projects are executed:

     Intellectual Technologies - IT Ltd (IT Ltd) working on the introduction into the design of new catode ray tube developed by our specialists of a new cathode node based on iridium alloy at "Thomson" company factories in Donhhuan and Foshan (China). This node allows the cathode to reduce TV energy consumption at 25% and reduce to 60 times its harmful radiation.

     Mahnitprylad Ltd working on the development and preparation for the release of highly accurate absolute and relative pressure gauges.

     IT Ltd lead the preparatory work on the development of smartphone for 4G telecommunication networks.

     ITTS Ltd together with partners working on the development and installation of LED lamps in Kiev Metro cars, which have reduced power consumption and long (years) term work. There is further work to improve LED Lamps MR-16, E-27, street and park LED lamps.